Who we are

The team has collectively 30 years of experience that include, graphic arts, engineering, speech and language pathology and psychology. The scope of the iMouf’s teams work involve running and owning their own businesses and producing a variety of shows all over the country. iMouf’s team are rock stars in the world of ideas. Their work is legendary in the highest towers of marketing and developing apps.

  • 1. Desire To Solve a Problem

  • 2. Define a Solution

  • 3. Put it into Action

  • 4. Change The Way People Speek

  • My name is Cindy and my daughter Gracy is 5 years old. Her kindergarten teacher called us in and informed us that Gracy's speech is affecting her socially where as she is getting frustrated along with her friends because they could not understand certain words she was trying to say to them. It was also affecting her academically she was saying "tat" for cat and she would actually write "tat" because that is what she would say, and hear,, we new then we needed to seek professional help! We took her to a speech pathologist and she evaluated her there is no doubt she needed help! She introduced us to an app called iMouf! I said ok we will try it! Wow! What a great idea and concept this is! Not only does she have fun singing, playing games and dancing,, she is learning her sounds and her speech is getting better and better,,,,all the while we are at home,,I could be cooking, cleaning, getting ready for work, and she has her app and learning with iMouf all by herself. She even can do it in the car while I am driving!!! She just had a visit to our pathologist and she was amazed how far Gracy has come with her speech!!!! It's amazing and a blessing!!! Thanks iMouf!!! Xoxoxo

    iMouf User
  • This is a great interactive app for my children 5 and 7 years old. It is a great resource to help enhance speech development and correct common impediments. It has fun games and easy learn songs that make learning fun!

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  • This is a great application for young children with articulation disorders, in so fun and easy-to-use!

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  • I have 2 boys who have both needed speech help for different reasons. They both love iMouf! The older one does not need speech help any more but he loves to listen to the raps and sing along. The app is great for helping the younger one reinforce his sounds. Thank you iMouf for a fun way to help with speech!

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